ND (Age 31),

Dr. Power gave me my first Botox injections to help with my crow’s feet. I’m 31 and smile a lot so naturally I’m concerned about my seemingly quick developing crow’s feet. The injections were close to painless and the Botox took affect within a day or two. I’m very pleased with the results and would love to have another round before my wedding

LD (Age 37),

I have been having Botox at the Rejuvenation Clinic for 2 years. I attend 2-3 times a year to have the lines in my forehead treated. I love the results and the doctor is extremely friendly and not at all pushy about treatments.

AD (Age 30),

Best Botox injector I have ever had. I had NO bruising. I had NO pain. Very personable doctor. Highly recommend her to anyone seeking Botox treatments. Office staff was very friendly. Much more reasonable than other doctors I have been too. My friend who had juvederm from her recommended her to me. It is in a medical Centre which really reassured me about the treatment as I as a nervous wreck!

MMC (Age 38),

I am a 38 year old female. I had Botox for the first time at the Rejuvenation clinic in May 2013. Wow, what a great experience, I can’t believe that I waited this long to try it. I had the crow’s feet around my eyes treated. And they are completely gone. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone.

ER (Age 45),

This is my first treatment. The Doctor used botox to treat the vertical lines between my eyes. I felt minimal discomfort during the injections and some stinging for about fifteen minutes afterward. Next time I will do this on my lunch hour, I didn’t even have redness in spite of my sensitive skin!

MD (Age 42),

It has been 10 days since my Botox, and I think it needed a 7-8 days to take full effect for me.
I can move my forehead a bit and move my eyebrows together, but not NEARLY to the extent I could 5 days ago. my forehead lines are almost gone and my skin looks great. I could have probably gotten a bit more on my left side between my eyebrows or gone for a touch-up, but with it being my first time I opted not to and just see how this went. The Rejuvenation Clinc offers a top up after 14 days. It is great to have that option available.

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