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If you want to look younger and you are tired of trying different anti -wrinkle creams that do not work, then you should make an appointment for consultation with our Medical director Dr Susan Power at the Rejuvenation clinic. The treatment is quick, usually it takes less than ten minutes, and the results are seen within 5 days, with maximum results achieved after 2 weeks. Only a trained medical doctor will administer anti-wrinkle injections. With results lasting up to five months, it can actually work out more cost effective than spending money on the latest expensive creams which do not work.

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So Why Choose The Botox Clinic Cork ?

At the Botox Clinic Cork we carry out these treatments daily. All patients are offered a free consultation before treatment to allow them to enquire and become fully informed before trying the treatment. All procedures are conducted in a medical centre and all patients are offered a review appointment after 2 weeks. Dr Power operates a “less is more” approach but if you require additional product this is readily available at the review appointment with no additional charge. We do not have nurses administering these treatments. All patients have contact details of the doctor who is locally based and readily available to assess patients should the need arise.

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